Many of us prefer to email our spreadsheets on a recurring basis and have the spreadsheet up on the screen on a daily basis. A typical office routine involves having your spreadsheet opened daily and then looking at it.

This works well when you have just one sheet. But if you have several sheets for multiple projects/projects within a project period, for example, then it becomes more difficult to keep track of what is going on.

This article will present an automation solution that will help us automate the opening of a single spreadsheet or several spreadsheets every day with specified start dates and end dates. The automation could be implemented as part of our project management software to save time by automatically opening each spreadsheet at set times without having to open them from time to time manually.

Probably the most irritating task that you face is sending out a chain of emails. You need to send out an email at regular intervals or on a schedule. Most of the time, you don’t want to be typing the same thing over and over again. So, what can you do? One solution is to create an email template that you can reuse and sends your emails automatically. This way, you don’t need to spend time typing the content and just need to fill in the recipient’s information. (Emails like this are called email templates, and you can make your own with tools like Gmail and Outlook.)

How To Email Spreadsheets Automatically?

In the world of email automation, a recurring email is one that is automatically sent at a regular interval, perhaps as part of an email marketing campaign. These emails may be sent using an email scheduler to send out a sequence of emails to a list of recipients, or the emails may be sent using a time-based rule. Although these emails tend to be sent via an email scheduler (similar to the ones provided by companies like, the emails are not sent without the subscriber’s approval.

Please follow these steps:

  • Create a Spreadsheet
  • Create a New Task
  • Create an email address
  • Connect the spreadsheet to the task
  • Look at the email
  • Schedule Automatic Emails (select the dates and time to schedule)

Schedule Automatic Emails

The automated email scheduling tool that many of us use is Mailchimp. Email scheduling is an essential part of any marketing and sales strategy, so finding a good marketing automation tool can really help save valuable time and enable you to focus your attention on the areas where you are more useful.

If you decide to use Mailchimp, you should be aware that the platform can be overwhelming for new users. While it does a great job at generating email campaigns, it does not give enough control over what kind of emails you are sending (i.e., urgent vs. informational).

In Excel, there is a function called “Mail Merge” that can be used to create a spreadsheet automatically. This feature is rarely used, but it is great when it comes to sending out meaningful emails. The process is quite simple, and the trickiest part comes when you need to automate the process of sending the email.

To make sure that you’re not wasting your time, which could be up to an hour or more each day, you need to schedule spreadsheets for recurring tasks. You can do this by scheduling it through an online tool like Google Keep or Calendly. If you only want a quick update at the end of the day, then don’t plan on using spreadsheets as they will take too much time to work on since they have to be refreshed every 24 hours.

There are a number of ways that you can create a recurring email that delivers a spreadsheet to your clients or other recipients. For example, if you run a web development company, you could create a series of email templates that emails your clients a new copy of the spreadsheet every week.


The way we work in our daily lives can be changed by automation. We can make money from it. Email spreadsheets are one of the most common tasks that need to be automated.

Spreadsheets are one of the most useful tools for everyday usage. It’s a good idea to use them once in a while and when it doesn’t matter much.

It is not always easy to automate email spreadsheet tasks as you need to enter some data and take care of some settings manually. With an email spreadsheet automation solution, you will never have to worry about manual data entry again.